About us

 Zhashkov Stud farm was founded in 1999. It is located in the center of Ukraine, in Zhashkov city, 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.
The purpose of Zhashkov Stud is breeding and training horses of West-European breed (Westfale,Selle Francais, Holstein, Oldenburg, Hannover, Belgian haematothermal, Rheinland, Holland haematothermal).
For today, achievement of a factory is its livestock which consists of stallions and mares with world famous names. Nine stallions of a stud have the German license of producer - . Cornet Obolensky, Captain Fire, Lancer III, Artifex, Consolidator, Copperfield, Comme il  Faut, Congress, Grand Sportage.
 95 % of mare livestock are elite -class, the majority from which are awarded in Germany. A lot of foals of Zhashkov Stud successfully passed Kerung in Germany, and it is no wonder as breeding works are conducted systematically. Selection of stallions and mares is carried out in view of connection of lines of genealogical and sports results. The method of artificial insemination is widely used on the stud.
The partners of Zhashkov Stud farm are Herr Bernd Richter, the representative of Westphalia  equestrian association; Herr  Heinrich Ramsbrock, famous equestrian manufacturer who visited Zhashkov Stud farm repeatedly.
Annually experts of Westphalia equestrian association brand newborn foals with brand of this breed and give documents that confirm their lineage.
Some horses of Zhashkov Stud farm are being trained in Germany. Herr Ludger Beerbaum trains Captain Fire, Cornet Obolensky, Consolidator. And Comme il Faut is at the stable of Hubert Vornholt. Congress and Grand Sportage are stay in Landgestüt Warendorf’s stable.
Horses of Zhashkov Stud farm are bought by countries of CIS and EU.
The total area of a factory is 317 hectares:
- 200 hectares of pasture;
- 100 hectares of haymaking;
-  base, which occupies 17 hectares;
-  2 stables with individual compartments are intended for 60 mares;
-  sports stables at the 80 sheds;
-  pairing manege;
-  12 stables with individual compartments for stallions producers;
-  horses- machine (which can work in five various modes);
-  indoor riding hall;
-  modern infirmary and laboratory.
All it provides high-grade development of horses the year round. Besides breeding directly, the stud is actively investing equestrian sport, which is the basis for Zhashkov Horse – Sports School. Also it was created the children's horse-racing school in Zhashkov Stud.